“My existing log store was in a state of collapse and, following a word-of-mouth recommendation, I asked Mark to make me a new one to a design I had seen nearby and also to build me a raised bed. I am so pleased with the result of both. I also like the neatness of Mark’s work and the immaculate state in which he leaves the property. I’ve enjoyed sitting out over the last couple of days!”
Garden tidy for spring, raised bed and logstore constructed

My name is Mark Gascoigne.

I live, work and serve the area of South Wingfield in Derbyshire. My aim is to look after all my clients to the best of my ability, offering excellent service at a price that allows me to do the job to your total satisfaction. I became a Handyman by accident. It evolved after my daughter was born and I gave up work to look after her, as my wife was the major wage earner. As she got older and started to go to playgroups, I had a bit more time on my hands, so started cutting elderly neighbours grass. I was then asked to replace shed roofs, repair fences and many other oddjobs around the home.

So slowly it has built up from there. I still work around the school day, so tend to begin after 9.00am, and finish at 3.15pm, although I do have help from Grandparents on some days, so I can extend the hours slightly.

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